• Keith Belton

    Director of Football Performance UCLA; President & CEO TeamThump Foundation

    Without Keith Belton there is no coach Eaton, PERIOD! Keith has been in strength game for well over 10+yrs. As a former NFL fullback he has made it to the highest level of competition. Keith Belton is a leader in the community and in the field of Athletic Performance. Currently, Keith is the Director of Football Performance at UCLA. Keith is no stranger to hard work as he has worked with athletes on every level ranging from NFL, College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary. One area that continues to grow is in his foundation establishment TeamThump. He is able to reach young athletes by encouragement, physical, mental development, nutrition, social skills through competition, and help them build confidence in their sport, and in life.

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  • Mason Baggett

    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Maryland

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Coach Baggett in 2020-2021 at the University of Oregon. He is the epitome of a SERVANT LEADER. There's not many out there like him that have the knowledge, have the background, but ultimately have the experience that he has. His work with U.S. Marine Core MARSOC, has set him apart due to his expert knowledge on leadership development. He is someone who I consider to be a brother not only in the field, but in life.

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  • Aaron Feld

    Strength & Conditioning Coordinator University of Miami Football

    Arguably one of the best in the STRENGTH game. Spend five seconds with Coach Feld and you will instantly be impacted. His ELITE level program rebuilding strategies, and cultural re-alignment are second-to-none. Coach Feld continues to be a leader in his community through his "Fill the Sleeves," campaign with all proceeds going towards Special Olympics. Not only does he care about people, he's able to leave an indelible mark on whoever he comes across. There's a reason why at one point he was the youngest Power 5 Head Strength Coaches in the country, its his IMPACT he has on a program, and his ability to change the culture IMMEDIATELY!

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  • Shaud Williams

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mississippi State University Football

    There are average people in the world, and then there is Shaud Williams! A former standout running back at The University of Alabama, NFL running back, and now Strength & Conditioning Coach he embodies the true meaning of "PEOPLE FIRST." There may not be a more passionate and purposeful person who cares about people more than Coach Williams. His ability to reach players is unique and incredible to witness on a daily bases. You can feel his presence when he's around you and it certainly rubs off. You will be a better human being after spending time with Coach Williams.

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  • Isaiah Gonzales

    Assistant Football Performance Coach, University of Texas

    I met Isaiah in 2014 through Donnell Boucher at a performance clinic.  Isaiah has continued to rise through the ranks with stops at Seattle University, University of Cal Berkeley, and now at the University of Texas. He has made a tremendous impact in our profession and in the community.  I've never met a more driven, passionate, and knowledgeable human being that truly embodies what it means to be a Highest Level Ambassador.  He continues to innovate, educate, and inspire the young generation of strength coaches to MAXIMIZE THIER POTENTIAL.  A true gem, and great human being!

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  • Davell Winters

    Head of Player Care Washington Spirit NWSL

    Davell is the epitome of a Servant Leader. He always puts others first, and has an exceptional gift to relate with anyone. He is what you would call, a CONNECTOR. A former standout multi-sport athlete in the state of Ohio, Davell has paved his way the world of high school, collegiate, and now the professional ranks. His work with the Washington Spirit has helped them achieve new heights in the midst of organizational turmoil. Without the guidance and leadership of Davell, the Spirit most likely wouldn't have had the success they've had. He is a life long learner, a God fearing man, a father, and husband and he is the definition of HUSTLE!

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  • Kaz Kazadi

    Assistant Athletic Director of Human Performance TCU

    One word. Inspiration. Kaz leads the way not just in STRENGTH, but in LIFE. I had the pleasure of working with Kaz as an intern at Baylor University in 2011.  It was there that I truly learned what servant leader meant.  Kaz's ability to inspire, educate, affect change, and cultivate an elite level mindset is unmatched.  Seeing him lead a team that went from arguably on of the worst in the Big XII at the time to a powerhouse was incredible.  Kaz's story holds up against some of the greatest people in the world. Through his remarkable journey he has made every place he's been in the strength game better. Not only is he a master of his class, he is one of very few to hold the distinction of Master Strength Coach, through the CSCCa. The lives he has impacted in such a great way certainly doesn't go unnoticed, he was named FootballScoop's Strength Coach of the Year back in 2012. He continues to be a mentor to so many young professionals and always is evolving.  His impact on me will forever be etched in my mind, body, and spirit.  Without his guidance, and tough love that he showed me, I truly don't believe I'd be half the coach or man I am today.

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  • Arianna Luther

    Sports Performance Coach, Bracey Performance

    I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing Arianna for about 4 years. We met at Miami and instantly I could tell she was someone I needed to be around.

    Arianna Luther came to Bracey Performance via The University of Miami as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach in October of 2020. She serves as a performance coach in the greater Chicago metro area.

    Luther, a world renowned gymnast, and follow of christ, is arguably one of the best in the field she is an exceptional person, and a true master of her craft. A true Hustler in the field!

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